November 1, 2008


Last night was Halloween. In keeping true to my West-Philly roots I attended
Providence's version of punk kid-cover band-costume party extravaganza. (steph as the bearded lady, hannah's creation, crazy lydia, me as steph, meggy in her amazing fruit hat. also, some scary mask.)

October 29, 2008


(Left - Chelsea and Meg at the infamous Beef Barn)
Our (new) weekly tradition includes the following activities: scouring the Salvation Army for brick-a-brack , shopping for clothes at Savers, and enjoying a fine dinner at the Beef Barn.

I mean, where else can you get a veggie burger with french fries and a pickle for $4.85?
(Below - sometimes we sit in the chicken coop)

October 8, 2008

pendleton woolen mills

October 8th, there is an unmistakable feeling in the air... familiar, yet unsatisfying. Autumn is among us; winter rapidly approaching, the battle has begun. Wait, what? I need to start over. It's fall... I live on the east coast. Normally I dread the winter: blustery winds,  early sunsets, the need for socks. Something about my mood is different this year. I'm stoked, surprisingly I feel quite optimistic. I've moved to a new city, I'm back in school, I have a beautiful group of friends (the fam), and a private deck (hot tub pending). Things are good.

I recently read Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness by William Styron: an 85 page account of crippling, nearly suicidal depression, suffered by an author at the peak of his career. I didn't choose to read this tale of anguish for pleasure, honestly I hadn't even known of it's existence. Styron's book was assigned to my non-fiction literature class. A course taught by a woman medicated for clinical depression (bi-polar disorder) for nearly 25 years. I myself have been diagnosed with common depression and anxiety at one time, not to the severity of Styron or my professor, Dr. Donahue, but a note worth mentioning. Anyway, my point; this book is short, everyone should read it... I have no doubt in my mind that its saved a few lives and most importantly it sheds light on an issue which has been widely ignored up until the past decade: depression-a disease which requires medical attention and support by loved ones.

Also, this: "because in the middle of this eternal winter there is within us an invincible summer!"